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I’m Alexander and I’m a guy who is passionate about hemp! Why? because its mind boggling what this plant can do. When you hear claims that hemp has over 50,000 uses, you kind of think that it is impossible. And when I heard this I thought the same thing, but it did get me thinking …and thinking and thinking some more, and really, now I can’t stop thinking about all the applications this wonder plant has to offer.

 Lets just take a quick peek of what this plant has to offer and how it compares to what we are using now.

There are 3 main parts to the industrial hemp plant :

1. The Stalk outside bast fiber – clothing, ropes, reinforced matting the list goes on

2. The Stalk inner pith or herd – used for building, ethanol production, animal bedding

3. The seeds – highly nutritious food, protein, EFA’s, fiber, minerals, biodiesel, paints, plastics, body care. Plus more.

As you can see, Unlike a lot of other plants the whole Hemp plant can be utilised

Industrial Hemp Uses - diagram

Hemp is a plant that needs no pesticides or chemical assistance to grow, just sun and water. It grows in 100 days and sucks up an enormous amount of CO2 from the atmosphere like a big sponge mop and converts it using Photosynthesis (Gods magic) in to useful things. It effectively takes pollutants out of the air and converts it to a useful form of carbon that can then be used by human beings for almost anything.

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet. Per hectare hemp yields at least twice the amount of fiber as cotton with considerable less inputs and 3 times the amount of pulp for papermaking compared to aged forests. Oh yeah did I mention that Hemp can also be used to rejuvenate poor quality soils, well it does that too.

So lets take a quick look at Hemp seeds as a food source. These little power packed nuggets of goodness really are a super food, full of macro and micro nutrients giving the body what it needs to live on this planet in a healthy and sustainable way. They are 35% oil, a very healthy oil, called Essential Fatty Acids, they have a full profile of 3,6 and 9 Omega fats in the perfect ration for human absorption.

People don’t realize that human brain cells are made up of 60 % fatty acids and its vital we get them on a daily bases, if you don’t get these ESSENTIAL Omega fatty acids then your brain will not function properly and will basically become less efficient and less productive. Not only are they good for your brain they are necessary for skin elasticity, metabolic function, controlling optimum cholesterol levels and many other functions in the body.

Unfortunately here in Australia its not LEGAL to eat these super seeds because… well I don’t know why not…. that’s something I think you should take up with your local politician and/or law maker. But if you live in Canada, the U.K or pretty much any other country around the world you can order this super food on a restaurant menu or buy them off the shelf in your local supermarket.

Just this one fact about Hemp alone makes me very excited. Not to mention the multitude of other uses that we will get into in other posts. Just to know that there is a food source that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and really healthy for the human body is game changing. Hence this is why I have decided to dedicate my efforts to helping people understand and have access to this miracle plant.

Please stay turned for more information, inspiration and education about Hemp. When you integrate Hemp it into your world you will be healthier, smarter more productive, and be a real positive force for good on the planet. Thank you for taking the time to reading this and I look forward to connecting again soon. Have a hempy day!

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