Tradical PF70 Lime Binder

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Tradical® PF70 is ready and easy-to-use. Just add fine aggregates and water in the required proportions and you will have a mortar that is highly workable, of appropriate strength and flexible. In addition, it will bring breathability and long lasting performance that can enhance your building project adding values that any end-user will appreciate. A ready to use pre-formulated binder with an aerial lime base (75%) combined with hydraulic lime (15%) and pozzolanic lime (10%). The setting time for this binder is approximately 8-12 weeks subject to atmospheric conditions.

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In combination with good design and construction, Tradical® PF70 mortars can lift the visual appearance of your brickwork and provide a durable, low maintenance end product of distinction.
Benefits; Lightweight, Porosity, permeability to water vapour, Sound absorption .Excellent thermal insulating, Fire rated for bushfire prone areas 60/60/60 and Termite and mould Resistant.
Benfits; Agricultural production without phytosanitary products, In-door air quality – no VOCs or known toxic elements and Healthy, non-allergenic environment Carbon storage.
Benefits; Reduce energy consumption in heating and cooling, Improve the hygrothermal behavior and surface temperature, Summer comfort in buildings without air conditioning


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