What is Hempcrete?

Hempcrete pictureHempcrete is an old recipe used in history by the Romans and Japanese. It helped build some of the strongest ever built structures in the world. The combination of lime, hemp and water is what makes it so unique and durable.

Why is it so versatile?

Hempcrete was used throughout Europe for restoring cob construction sites. Hempcrete is the term that you will hear more of because it’s sustainable and such a natural material to work with. It is highly suitable in areas that are more prone to earthquakes as they have the ability to stay steady instead of cracking like other materials e.g. concrete and masonry.

Top 3 Benefits

The benefits of Hempcrete is a growing list and a new sustainable material people are finding new uses for, consisting of hemp shiv and a lime based binder making it the best available product for construction. It is safe to say that buildings made with it can last as long as a castle in early times.

It’s known to be durable, weather resistant, pest and mold resistant, has low thermal conductivity and is fully recyclable. Benefits like these are hard to find elsewhere. Apart from all these here are the top 3 benefits of Hempcrete the “Green Building Product”.

1. Natural

The composite of the inner woody core of the hemp plant combined with the lime based binder is all in all natural in the true sense. As hemp is sourced locally, it supports the economy, can provide jobs as a new growing industry and can be quickly grown here in Australia effortlesslyIt has amazing qualities, as it is durable and so light that it can also float in water.

2. Sustainable

The future belongs to hempcrete, the most effective material used for buildings so far. For any consumer and grower it’s a bonus as it can be grown and replenished easily without detrimental impact to the bio diversity of the land. The strongest composite for earthquake resistant buildings. Structural abilities of this amazing building material are beyond imaginable, providing natural insulation, and still being flexible and breathable.

3. Healthy

It’s best suited for human body. It has a natural touch to it. Friendly to the environment it has no harmful effects on the human health. Being cost effective and low maintenance consumers will find it a very cost-efficient building material that lasts and is healthy for them. It is environment friendly with less uses of petrochemicals. Making it the best candidate for buildings. With all of these properties it is unstoppable and will definitely be the best in no time.

If you want to know more about hempcrete, thinking of building with it or simply want to know costs please contact us and we can help you.


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