Australian Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder is made from one ingredient: Australian Hemp Seeds. The Hemp Seeds are cold pressed for the Seed Oil, and the leftover cake of pressed seed is sifted and cold-milled to create a fine protein powder. This powder has 50 grams of complete protein per 100 grams.

Hemp Protein also has high levels of iron (important for energy and blood health) and fibre (important for digestion and promoting healthy gut bacteria).

A study has shown that cold-milled, hemp protein is 90% bioavailable*, which means it’s extremely easy to digest. However, heated hemp protein is 10% less bioavailable*. This is why we only distribute Australian, cold-milled Hemp Protein Powder.

We recommend you use 2 tablespoons (28 grams of protein powder) in plant-based smoothie. This will give you

  1. 4.2 mg of iron (approximately 40% of our daily iron needs)
  2. 4.76 grams of fibre (approximately 25% of our daily fibre needs)
  3. 14 grams of complete protein (20% of the daily protein needs for the average Australian** weight (68kg)).

If this excites you and want to incorporate a complete, easy-to-digest, cold-milled, nutrient rich, wholefood protein, the 450g bag of protein is a great place to start: 

For a delicious hemp protein smoothie recipe, please visit this page:




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